2022 Top 10: Our Most Popular Posts of the Year

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Yes…! Our Most Popular Posts of the Year. Hence closing out a gloomy 2022, we still see sunny skies ahead with only occasional storms. And we’ll be here, producing valued content that we hope elevates your Engineering Skills for both Engineers and Engineering Students around the World.

We’ve published roughly 56 articles since March 23, 2022. The 10 most popular include our most popular content by page views and more.

But none of those are possible without you, our valued reader. Concluding our 9 months, we say, thank you.

2022 Top 10: Our Most Popular Posts of the Year

1. Engineering Disciplines

Engineering disciplines means a generally-recognized, major subdivision of engineering such as the disciplines of Chemical, Civil, or Electrical Engineering, or a cross-disciplinary field of comparable breadth including combinations of engineering fields, for example, Mechatronics, and the application of engineering in other fields, for example, Bio-Medical Engineering. Read More…

2. Communication Skills: All Engineers Need To Know

When discussing Engineering good Communication Skills, we go back to the curriculum for your chosen engineering discipline, you will find many “hard” courses (mathematics, science, and engineering) with just a smattering of “soft” courses (English, history, and other humanities).

The challenging courses emphasize compu­tations, whereas the soft courses emphasize communication, primarily written. Given that the engineering curriculum overwhelmingly emphasizes challenging courses, a student might logically conclude that communications are not important in engineering. Read More…

3. Engineering Universities In Tanzania You Should Know

I explored the Engineering Universities in Tanzania, these institutions are superb for students who intend to go into the engineering world, as they get equipped with relevant skills and knowledge needed to do exploits in their area of specialization.

The United Republic of Tanzania has some superb universities which can appropriately pass for a great citadel of learning. They are pleasant institutions that are ideal places to learn and pursue one’s career. Read More…

4. Best Laptops for Engineering Students: The Complete Guide 2023

As the heading above stated, today, we’ll review the best laptops for engineering students. On top of that, we’re going to show what laptop components are crucial for engineering-related work.

We’ll reference industry-standard programs and their preferred specs and will look at the specific laptop- (and PC-) components that these programs utilize the most. Read More…

5. Cement | Types, Composition, And All You Need to Know

Cement, one of the most important building materials, is a binding agent that sets and hardens to adhere to building units such as stones, bricks, tiles, etc.

Cement generally refers to a very fine powdery substance chiefly made up of limestone (calcium), sand or clay (silicon), bauxite (aluminum), and iron ore, and may include shells, chalk, marl, shale, clay, blast furnace slag, slate. Read More…

6. What is the Function of Buildings?

The basic function of buildings is to provide structurally sound and environmentally controlled spaces to house and protect occupants and contents. While a building is a structure with a roof and walls standing more or less permanently in one place, such as a house or factory.

In this article, we will highlight some of the factors that determine how buildings are constructed. A brief overview of the function of buildings and their performance leads to a discussion about environmental factors and sustainable building. This is followed by a description of the general principles of construction, concluding with some comments on legislation, sources of information, and making informed choices. Read More…

7. Water Supply Design | Water Sources and Storage Tanks

Water supply design involves providing convenient and sufficient access to safe and potable /palatable water in a given design area and given design period of time. Also have to fulfill these requirements at a minimum cost for the construction, operation, and maintenance of the project. Read More…

8. 15 Types of Windows Every Homeowner Should Know In 2023

These types of windows can be defined as wall openings to admit fresh air and sunlight into the building and give an outside view. The window is provided for aesthetic purposes.

Windows are the eyes into (and out of) a home, and can utterly transform a space. Whether you want to ventilate and illuminate your interior or keep prying eyes and foul weather out, there’s a perfect window for every room. Read More…

9. Problem-Solving | All Skills You Need To Know

Problem-solving is the process of achieving a goal by overcoming obstacles, a regular part of most activities. Problems in need of solutions range from simple personal tasks (e.g. how to turn on an appliance) to complex issues in business and technical fields.

Engineers are problem solvers; employers hire them specifically for their problem-solving skills. As essential as problem-solving is, it is impossible to teach a specific approach that will always lead to a solution. Read More…

10. Engineer | Definition, and History You Should Know Right Now

An Engineer is an individual who combines knowledge of science, mathematics, and economics to solve the Engineering problems that confront society. Nearly all the manufactured objects that surround your result from the efforts of Engineers.

Just think of all that went into making the chair on which you sit. Its metal components came from ores extracted from mines designed by mining Engineers. Metallurgical Engineers refined the metal ores in mills that Civil and mechanical engineers helped build. Read More…

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