12 Most Expensive Colleges /Universities In The World

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Interested in knowing which are the most expensive colleges / Universities across the world?

Are you thinking of attending any of these? 

If you are, good luck to you, as you’re going to need some seriously deep pockets!

Here’s a list of the 12 most expensive colleges in the world.

Engineering remains the in-demand degree across the employment spectrum and students have many colleges and universities from which to choose. How will students choose which to attend?

Some will compare the achievements of former graduates. Others will examine coursework and curricular pros and cons. Then there are those who compare costs and will only study at the best, meaning only the most expensive engineering program will do.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which to use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela

The new generation of college students wants to change the world. They want to make a difference in their communities and make money while doing it. Working just to earn money takes a backseat to finding a career that is fun, fulfilling, and meaningful. The old methods of motivating young people to further their education do not work as well anymore.

They don’t want to know the potential return on their investment in a college or listen to how much more they can earn over a lifetime with a college degree than they will if their education ends after high school. Today’s college students want the Excalibur of education. They want the best their parent’s money can buy.

The college or university a student graduates from can make a difference in the time between graduating and working, though. For an elite few, the expense is no concern, and parents happily hand over debit cards to pay the highest prices possible for their child’s college education and the prestige of the college named on their diploma.

The United States far exceeds the rest of the world in the price of tuition and fees for a four-year bachelor program. On the list of most expensive colleges, the United States dominates. Globally, the cost of a college education excludes those in countries with seemingly low tuition.

Where wages stay low, colleges stay institutions available only to the wealthiest. Even in countries offering free college education, students can end up paying the balance ten years after graduation. In these locations, tuition as a percent of annual income puts them on the list of the world’s most expensive colleges.

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Most Expensive Colleges /Universities In The World

#12. University College London, England, United Kingdom

University College London, England, United Kingdom one of the Most Expensive Colleges

This university was founded with the intent of opening education equally to all. In 1878, University College London began admitting women using the same admission standards men were held to. ‘The college was the first in the United Kingdom to accept students from any class or religion. Alexander Graham Bell is counted among the university’s famous alumni, as well.

Expect to pay for the honor of attending this college as an undergraduate in the Engineering or Astrophysics programs. Tuition for European and British students comes in at 9000 English Pounds. International students will pay $31,000.

This price does include fees for housing, food, travel expenses, and insurance. Make sure to add everyday living expenses like laundry and entertainment, though.

#11. University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia

University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia

Ranked first among Australian universities and 33rd worldwide, the University of Melbourne opened in 1853 and is known for its outstanding research and teaching programs. Research at the university in the 1970s lead to a cochlear implant, better known as a bionic ear, giving more than 200,000 patients worldwide hearing.

The Bachelor of Arts program at the University of Melbourne does not come cheap. Parents of international students expect to pay $24,496 for the first term’s tuition and another $19,532 for room and board in residential housing.

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#10. University of Cambridge, Cambridge England, United Kingdom

University of Cambridge, Cambridge England, United Kingdom

Records of the University of Cambridge reach back to 1209 when the area was an ancient Roman trading post, making this the second oldest university in the United Kingdom. Cambridge currently has 21,000 students with around 1,300 of those coming from 65 different countries. Degrees in engineering, psychology, and natural and behavioral sciences as an international student come with high price tags.

Tuition for the bachelor programs listed above has tuition costs $31,000. With fees for domestic and pastoral services at approximately $7,980 and living expenses estimated at $11,755, parents will pay around $49,000 to send their child to Cambridge University.

#9. Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, New York, United States

Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, New York, United States

A list of the world’s most expensive universities would not be complete without Sarah Lawrence College on it. Known for its diverse student body with students coming from 53 different countries for the education this well-known private liberal arts college offers. The teacher/student ratio and personalized courses of study attract students from the United States and abroad.

The cost to attend Sarah Lawrence may seem prohibitive to many, but a degree from this prestigious college can open many doors for graduates. A few esteemed graduates of Sarah Lawrence include Vera Wang, Julianna Margulies, and Rahm Emanuel.

Undergraduates carrying 30 credits will pay $51,196 for tuition. An additional $880 as a general fee. A student activities fee of $224 and a health services fee of $250. A room to sleep in will cost $9,640.

Unless a waiver is signed, a health plan costing $3,035 is required. All this adds up to $65,225, not including a meal plan. The price for meals varies depending on the plan chosen. Parents pay as much as $2,598 for 19 meals a week per semester to as little as $610 per semester for 16 meals and 375 units of Meal-Money.

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#8. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, Massachusetts, United States

 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, Massachusetts, United States

An undergraduate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) earns an average salary of over $80,000. MIT graduates find careers with groundbreaking companies like Google, Apple, and Boeing. More than half of all graduates go directly to a job after graduation.

Its School of Engineering and outstanding fields of research help put MIT number 7 on the list of best universities to attend. But, the school selected a mere 8% of its applicants for the 2017 term.

For those undergraduates that do make it, tuition and fees cost a little over $48,452, which isn’t too bad in comparison with other universities. But once room, board, books, and other materials are added, parents will spend approximately $65,478.

#7. California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California, United States

California Institute of Technology, Pasadena,

NASA’s jet propulsion laboratory is located on the California Institute of Technology (CalTech) campus. CalTech is part of the National observatory network. The university’s geophysical research is world-renowned along with its seismic study and mineral physics research. The most important CalTech feature is that it is located in sunny California.

Students can take day trips to the beach and shop on Rodeo Drive in Hollywood. The price of education in such a beautiful environment stays comparable to other top-rated universities.

Expect the bill to start at $45,846 for tuition. $1,731 for campus fees. Plan at least $900 for meals per term. Add another $1,323 for books and other materials. Miscellaneous expenses can cost up to 1,974. Room and board will run about $14,000.

This adds up to a grand total of $65,874. But, there’s more: Incoming students must pay a $500 one-time orientation fee. If your student is not insured, CalTech will charge $824 per insurance term for a total of $2,472. Insurance is mandatory.

#6. Universities in Hungary

Universities in Hungary

Parents with students entering college seeking a bachelor’s degree can expect to spend 92% of their annual income on tuition and living expenses. The average cost for higher education in Hungary is $34,200 for a four-year bachelor’s program. Hungary residents and some international students can qualify for tuition-free courses.

Residents, however, must stay in the country and work in their chosen field for 10 years or pay back all the tuition and fees. The general population feels it’s only proper to work in the country to pay back some of the costs of higher education and stimulate the economy.

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#5. Queens University, Kingston, Ontario Canada

Queens University, Kingston, Ontario Canada

Queens University was established in 1841 by the Royal Charter of Queen Victoria, making it one of the oldest in Canada. International students make up 10% of the student population, which brings diversity to the campus.

The university concentrates on research studies that cross many fields including mental health and globalization studies.

International students entering Queens University will pay $35,505 for their first term’s tuition. Add approximately $19,000 for class materials, room and board, health insurance, and other fees for a grand total of just over $54,000 per term.

#4. Oxford University, United Kingdom

Oxford University, United Kingdom

Education at Oxford University dates back to the year 1096, making it the oldest English-speaking university in the world. The historic university, known for research sciences, lives on as one of the world’s most prestigious institutes of higher learning and the United Kingdom’s most expensive to attend.

Incoming resident students will pay ₤9,250 ($11,363) for their first term’s tuition and between £9,021 – £13,237 ($11,082 – $16,261) for living expenses. International students pay £15,000 to £23,000 ($18,451 to $28,291), bringing the first term total for international students to $52,997. Only resident students qualify for financial aid. With tuition costs expected to continue rising, estimating a four-year total is not only difficult but dismal as well.

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#3. Bond University, Gold Coast, Queensland Australia

Bond University, Gold Coast, Queensland Australia

Knowing students want to change the world and want the weapon of education now, Bond University fast-tracks undergraduates through their field of study, which lets them graduate one year earlier than students at other universities.

The reasoning behind the accelerated programs is to reduce the costs of room and board along with other expenses. Students also begin their careers one year ahead of schedule, giving them an advantage over their four-year college peers.

To study at Bond University, international students will spend approximately $125,000 (172,942 AUD) in tuition for their full bachelor’s degree program, or more than $30,000 (41,496 AUD) per term. 

Other out-of-pocket expenses include $300 (415 AUD) for books and other course materials. Another $300 a month for rent and utilities, whether living on or off campus. Add the cost of daily meals, laundry, and other miscellaneous expenses for an estimated additional cost of $26,000 (35,945 AUD) and you get $56,000 per term.

#2. Columbia University, New York United States of America

Columbia University, New York United States of America

The university just celebrated its 250th anniversary and is the oldest in New York. Undergraduates studying medicine, physics, law, business, or the myriad of other available fields will leave Columbia University wielding their weapons of education with confidence. They will also watch the price of graduating from such an esteemed university rise every year.

Students in General Studies for the 2017 term, will pay around $27,764 just for tuition. Adding in other charges like room and board, fees for maintenance, health services, and student activities, take the price up to approximately $71,690 for a student’s first term.

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#1. Harvey Mudd College, California United States of America

 Harvey Mudd College, California United States of America

The United States tops the list with the Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, California. The cost to attend this renowned private college will reach an estimated $324,681 for a four-year degree or over $60,000 per term as costs rise in the second half of 2017 and into the future.

Parents can expect to pay a tuition of $52,383 for the 2017 winter term. On top of tuition, add $9,202 for a double room; $7,842 for the meal plan with 16 meals; $800 for books and other class materials; and, $1,683 for the student body fee and other living expenses. A student’s first term will cost around $71,910.

Only 13% of the applicants were accepted into Harvey Mudd College last year, which put the total number of students at just over 800. This award-winning liberal arts college may cost more than most people’s dream home, but graduates enter the workforce knowing Harvey Mudd College did its best to arm them with the Excalibur of education.

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